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Pretty Neaty Lipstick Storage For Earphones


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Store your earphones in a cute and feminine manner.

Keep your earphones where they can get charged while they stay in, away from dust and dirt. They also stay stored fully protected without ever fading or falling out from the holder case.

Let your accessories do the talking about your personal style. Be the fashionista that you are and give yourearphones PrettyNeaty storage.


    • A very easy and convenient way to store earphones.
    • Looks pretty stylish in your hand as it is designed to look like lipstick.
    • It absorbs any shock whatsoeverand won’t fall due to the non-slipgrip of the material.
    • It keeps your earphones quite neat and dust-free.
    • The storage case can be washed and cleaned and will stay looking new for the longest time.
    • It comes in various colors.

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